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05 July 2008 @ 11:32 am

Last night I forced rabu_meevs to sleep over at my house because my sister was going clubbing till 5 AM and my mom was in Stone Mountain.. which is far away i guess.. I'm not sure >_> She was celebrating 4th of July with her Sunday School group or something. She left a few minutes ago... in her lovely car~~ That's really her sister's XD She had to take her to work

Yesterday we went to see the fireworks and Nicole was doing a lot of.. illegal driving XD It was crazy @_@ People were parking on the highway and in the middle of the street just to watch the fireworks XD When I saw the red fireworks, I thought of Cassiopeia so rabu_meevs was trying to take pictures but she FAILED.

We watched the T concert, which was amazing~ Junsu's Summer Dream ending was love~<3 and TRICK was awesome~~ We went to sleep at about... 3 AM and rabu_meevs korean nature came out XD She was apparently half concious and started flailing around on the couch and screamed "aish" XDD 

Now I don't feel so lonely anymore~

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03 July 2008 @ 09:55 pm
So I was walking to my room when I thought of the weirdest thing:

             'Aww, that pregnant man had a baby girl~ A lot of people are having girls... Tori Spelling, Jessica Alba.. Nicole Richie... Is there something in the air?'
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23 June 2008 @ 09:30 pm

Goto Maki has restarted her music career!! And not back with the controlling UFA/Hello!Project, but with AVEX!!  She's on the same label with DBSK~~~ I guess it's good since she was kind of trying to break into Korea. She's also with.. m-flo~~ BoA.. I'm not really a fan of her but whatever. If she's friends with Aya Matsuura and Gocchin's friends with Aya so they'll become friends too :] Then I might have a reason to like her XDD And she could collaborate with m-flo~~ And there's Koda Kumi and Namie Amuro~~~AHDKJD;SAJKASD I'm so excited XDD Like a nerd~~ I dun care, I miss Maki T_T

And.. there was something else... I don't remember.. 

Jisoo T_______T Come back soon from New Jersey, okay? Don't forget my pink New York Yankees hat~~ If you do, I'll personally make your life even more miserable than it is at the moment.

And you know I can make it happen.
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05 June 2008 @ 12:43 am
I got my transcript today~ XD Passed APUSH~~ Woo woo~!! With a.. 86.. or 88 XD Passed ALG2 with an 86, Language Arts with an 82 and Physics with an 80. So that's an 84 average.. B.. i dunno how to calculate GPA XDD


On another note, there's a site I joined called SocialVibe. It's basically you picking a cause and someone to sponsor it. Everytime someone visits your page, your sponsor and socialvibe donate to your cause. I joined the Disaster Relief for the earthquake in China and disaster in Myanmar and chose Samsung to sponsor XDD Also.. they have "perks" free stuff i guess that they give the person who gave the most money when someone visited their page. Right now, Samsung is giving away a camcorder XD Everyone should join to contribute to a cause~ there's Invisible Children and PETA and cancer and lots of causes. Join please~ You're helping the world become a better place :]

Lame, hm~? XD
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05 June 2008 @ 12:43 am
I got my transcript today~ XD Passed APUSH~~ Woo woo~!! With a.. 86.. or 88 XD Passed ALG2 with an 86, Language Arts with an 82 and Physics with an 80. So that's an 84 average.. B.. i dunno how to calculate GPA XDD

24 May 2008 @ 10:14 pm
Or is it Here Ye? XDD dajkldjas das I'm so proud of this XD It's stupid, but it helped distract me from the whole DBSK/SNSD scandal and my growing depression.

 This was the original Goto Maki picture that I had in a magazine article~ After finding a gimp tutorial on coloring black and white pics, I took out all the color and started coloring it in myself XD It took about 3 hours and it's not exactly how the tutorial said to do it, but i love it~ 
The outcome:

I've been making icons for 3 whole days from morning till night XD Maybe in one gigantic post, i'll put up all the crap i made.

Gocchin~ come back from LA soon, okay? Go to Avex and start up your career~ You don't need H!P~
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02 May 2008 @ 11:03 pm

After school, I was planning to walk to Kerri's house to see the kitties (mainly my Donghae XD) because they finally opened their eyes. They're so cute~ Kelly walked with us cuz she didn't want to ride the bus so she saw the cats too. Matt and Setch came over like.. 5 minutes after we got to Kerri's house and ran over to the kittens XD Seth is attached to my kitty so we were fighting over it. My name to him is officially Ahsatan... because that's my name spelled backwards XDD Natasha = Ah~ Satan. It's very.. sad.. We watched some funny stuff on youtube (Old Greg~<3 "It's attached to your rod, mutha licka~") and then we found out that Emma (Kerri's little sister)'s cat lost her kittens. As in.. took them somewhere and totally forgot where they are.


Emma apparently didn't care because she didn't even TRY to look for them. When it started getting dark, Kerri and I began to freak out so we went into her backyard, which is pretty much a wilderness. Not something you usually see in NYC, so.. I'll never get used to walking around with lots of trees hovering closely by me. Or snakes and spiders and ticks. We thought we heard meows around the trees so we had to cross the "bridge" (basically like.. 3 planks of wood connecting both sides) and walked around to try to find where the noise was coming from. Kerri wasn't wearing shoes and I had flip flops, so i gave her mine and she went deeper in to follow the noise. I went back to the house to get shoes and saw Emma just sitting on the balcony watching us and talking on the phone. I'm assuming that she still doesn't care. Kerri got stuck in a pit with snakes so I had to walk back around to get her XD We searched the other side of woods and decided that it was a bird so we gave up and sat on her steps.

And cursed Kayla for being a horrible mother. XD

Then we decided to search inside the house.. for some reason we never thought of that BEFORE. First we went into Emma's room to look and we checked the laundry room and under her mother's bed. We gave up again and laid on the floor and talked and blah blah blah and she suggested that we check her mom's closet. We looked around in some stuff and I kept hearing scratching XD I thought it was Kerri moving stuff but when she stopped moving, I still heard it. I looked in a box that was covered by another box in the corner and big blue eyes were staring up at me XD I found them~  Kerri pulled them out and we carried all 4 of them back to Emma's room. Kerri told Emma and Emma decided to rush to them and see if they were okay and.. didn't thank us. At all. Then my mom came and I noticed that Heechul's kids were all gone too! But the crackhead was just sitting in the closet with them... i guess it was feeding time XD

Woah~ wall o text~

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23 April 2008 @ 04:40 pm

my myspace is finally beautiful~ 

ja ja~n


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22 April 2008 @ 08:50 pm

So i just downloaded GIMP and i can't use it now cuz i gotta go to bed~~ Now I can make Yuri icons~ I really.. I don't like SNSD honestly. Or.. they're music I don't like. But I like them as people.. except Tiffany.. i hear about her too much and it's getting annoying. They're milking her popularity for all its worth and everyone's starting to hate her XDD

I bet rabu meevs is ecstatic.

Namie Amuro~&hearts;

Oh~ and I finally got the Korean code thing for my computer so now i can see the symbols instead of blocks~ I can read Korean AND Japanese now~ woo woo woo~~

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13 April 2008 @ 10:27 pm
 Heechul had babies~~ 4 little kittens~ One's name is Beddy and.. there's another one and I named the tiger one Donghae and mattigrew named one XD

Heechul gave birth at the foot of kerri's bed at 6am XP