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24 July 2008 @ 11:04 am
"We fear death, yet we long for slumber and beautiful dreams." Kahlil Gibran  

Maybe I'll write quotes for my topics? XD Anyway I want to record my strange dream because I love it so XD It involves zombies, a witch from Passions, video game cardboard people, ninjas and hot angry alien princes~~

So I guess Shaun of the Dead came back to haunt me XD Last night I dreamed that a virus turned everyone into zombies. They were basically seeking out people who weren't zombies so they could turn into zombies too. I unfortunately got found out XD So I was sitting in my bathroom trying to fend them off and humans just randomly popped up in my bathroom to be protected to. I think.. Peter Lee, my best friend Victor (

toastmmhot), rabu_meevs maybe. I only remember Peter because he was writing letters to different medical colleges and calling professors... That's why he died first =] 
I finally noticed that people started disappearing and I was the only one left XD So I said to myself, "Well, I might as well get it over with" and opened the door and all the zombies attacked me and I turned into a zombie ;-; When I finally got out of the crowd and they went to attack other houses, Victor and I (we were the only good zombies XD) decided to visit the neighborhood witch (Tabitha from the soap opera Passions) and make her turn us human and rid the world of all the zombies~ She kept saying how she couldn't do it and blah blah blah but we finally convinced her and she used a spell to kill all the zombies. The world was peaceful again~

And then the dwarf ninjas came. It was the same morning that we finally got rid of the zombies XD Tabitha was attacking them with magic since they were mostly outside and then these... scary cardboard video game characters invaded the house. Victor and I were stabbing them with utensils but they wouldn't die! XD I abandoned the whole cause and ran upstairs to a room to hide when the ninjas got into the house.
 I was almost finished blocking the door when the door blasted open and someone grabbed me and threw me to the floor. Lo and behold~~ It was the prince~ I didn't even know his name, but for some reason he was attacking our house. I thought he was taking prisoners because he was treating everyone, especially me, so rudely. He kept dragging me around and telling me to pack things but naturally I did the opposite because I hate when people tell me what to do XD When I finally asked him what his problem was he said he needed someone to marry and that he wanted to marry me XDD I guess that made me put up a fight even more because we fought and argued all the way to his royal spaceship (with ninjas carrying my luggage XD). I guess we became one of the asian drama couples. The guy who's really good looking, rich and royal and bad tempered and me who's plain and poor~ His home planet ended up looking just like Jurai from Tenchi Muyo o.O
Later, we fell in love~ (psh XD that jerk) and we got married with a grand wedding just like he wanted~

And then I woke up.

Reality is harsh. Especially in the morning.


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Solo's Crysoloscry on July 25th, 2008 05:53 am (UTC)
Sorry for bothering you at your LJ!!! T-T!!

But I wasn't sure how often rabu_meevs checks her LJ LOL!!! And since you are her beta-reader (yes?), I was wondering...

Ah... could I ask a favor of you? LOL!!

I am gathering authors for my website (here's the entry : http://soloscry.livejournal.com/99947.html )

And I was wondering if rabu_meevs would let me post links to Bloodlust (and any other YunJae, YooSu fic she's written) up on the site? *puppy-dog eyes*

<3 Thank you!!! Sorry for bothering you over such a trivial matter >.< !!! *smooches*