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29 March 2010 @ 11:46 am
Hey all~  
It's kind of weird.. I started this lj when I was a sophmore at MCHS and now I'm a freshman at GGC. Time moves so fast~! I'm liking my classes so far. I have As and Bs and once C because my GGC Success teacher is not teaching us to be successful. I might be taking Summer classes so I can get out of school quickly. I'm glad that I went to GGC instead of Perimeter, Valdosta and UGA because.. it's such a small school XD. It opened in 2007 and it's growing really quickly. Since it's so small, you know almost everyone (but I don't >_>) and the teachers are so friendly (I love you Prof. Quinones~).
Well today we had a presentation in GGC Success class about the Career Development center and Dennis was talking about how employers will try to look you up on the internet to see if you're not crazy and actually worth hiring so... I decided to start deleting my livejournal posts XD I left the pages that seemed pretty harmless and deleted majority of my posts.
Unfortunately, reading back on my many posts, I have realized one thing.

I was one stupid kid XD

So as a college student, I hope to become a mature adult (and get my LICENSE!! GYAH!), graduate and find a job as an Editor. Fighting~~
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Current Music: Hot Boyz- Missy Elliot